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CREATE (Corridor REstoration for Animals Threatened and Endangered)


Forest fragmentation is a great threat to the survival of many wildlife species living along the Kinabatangan River. The CREATE project aims to build a resilient forest landscape by restoring important wildlife corridors key in providing a safe and secure forest passageway for the Bornean orangutans and other wildlife species. This is made possible by the support from Kansas City Zoo and other zoos under The Association of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA).


Project Objectives

  • Carry out habitat restoration at the Lower Kinabatangan floodplains where flora and fauna are abundant but threatened by diminishing habitat.
  • Promoting local community participation in habitat restoration.
  • Monitoring high conservation value wildlife species within the reforestation corridor.




Transforming plots from these,

into a closed canopy.


Most of the trees planted in the beginning of the project (in 2017) have grown taller than most of us and will soon play a very important role in the ecological function of the forest.


Working with Local Communities

This project engages the local communities to be directly involved in conservation efforts. We now have 3 local villagers that are employed as a full-time staff under this project.

Our Tree Planting squad!


Signs of wildlife returning to the area!

We have started seeing signs of animals using the trees for nesting amongst many other signs that indicate their presence in the area.



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