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Future plans

Future plans

Future plans at the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre

APE Malaysia began its partnership with the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre (BSBCC) in Sepilok, Sabah in early 2015 to run two volunteer programmes for the smallest bear species in the world.  

The sun bear (Helarctos malayanus) can be found throughout Asia. In Malaysia, they are fondly called the ‘honey bear’ (beruang madu) as their tree climbing prowess is unmatched in the tropical rainforests. However, their numbers have drastically declined over the years and they face human-imposed threats such as habitat loss and commercial hunting for the illegal pet trade and the bear bile trade.
In light of these threats, BSBCC’s core mission is to rescue these sun bears and to facilitate their return to the forest. Click here to find out more about the centre.
Together with BSBCC, this project has achieved a great deal by providing a safe haven for rescued sun bears as well as works towards their rehabilitation and release back into the wild. We aim to improve conditions of sun bears in captivity and rehabilitation through creating environmental and food enrichment. Moreover, the programme is designed for volunteers to  work alongside keepers to raise the quality of current enrichment standards in the centre. These hands-on experiences create insightful opportunities for volunteers to learn more about these animals in the stage of rehabilitation and process of releasing them back to the wild.
Through our volunteers, we hope to assist the centre achieve their conservation objectives. Additionally, we would like to raise the profile of sun bears and their threatened habitats as conservation priorities for the nation.
The Sun Bear Assistant, Sun Bear Volunteer and Sun Bear Encounters are volunteer programmes that you can join to help out at this centre. Fill up an enquiry form or e-mail for more information.

Future plans at Melaka Zoo & Night Safari

Zoo Melaka recently changed from a semi-government zoo to a privately-owned zoo.  They are upgrading the whole zoo as well as the standard of animal welfare. APE Malaysia was invited to assist improve animal welfare through enrichment.

Our first Zoo Melaka Enrichment Day, in June 2013, focused not only on the design, making and installation of enrichment but also the documentation and observation of animal reactions towards each enrichment item.  At the end of this successful day, the Melaka Zoo director invited us to come back on a regular basis.  Since then, we have repeated the Zoo Melaka Enrichment Day on a monthly basis. In July 2013 the team focused on the brown capuchin monkeys’ enclosure. From its initial bare state, the APE team installed climbing structures and installed a new shelter. In August, new feeding platforms were made for the spider monkers and the siamangs.

In the months to come, we have planned to install hammocks at the orangutan enclosure, re-landscape the sun bear’s enclosure, make enrichment for the tigers and so much more!

APE Malaysia also hopes to be able to work with Zoo Melaka on a long term basis to ensure the welfare of the animals via enrichment is fulfilled. We hope to be able to work alongside   zookeepers on enrichment training sessions, developing, designing and installing larger enrichment, planning and scheduling for animal welfare and for public education and much more.

Participate or contribute to the enrichment programme at Zoo Melaka