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Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

APE identifies CSR solutions for conservation and education challenges for corporations who want their CSR projects identified, managed, monitored and evaluated.  APE matches the CSR goals to the needs of the sites and the stakeholders.  This allows large amounts of money to be channelled in a sustainable and prioritized way to ambitious, large-scale conservation projects at existing and new projects sites with maximum effectiveness for all.

While APE walks the talk of corporate responsibility in our programmes and at each site, we also aim to work with organisations willing to invest in long term corporate responsibility projects. 

In line with APE’s belief of integrated conservation development where community and environment are brought together simultaneously to address mutual needs, APE is able to develop programmes that suit the corporation’s requirement for corporate responsibility ventures.

The relationships we have established at various sites through the commitment of our on-going projects allow APE the flexibility and knowledge to initiate new strategies for corporations and local partners in developing resourceful Corporate Responsibility programmes.

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Discuss with us your corporate philosophy and aims of your team & corporation in corporate responsibility programmes and we will work with you on developing a suitable programme embedded within our programmes.