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Revamp of the Eastern Sarus Crane enclosure at the Lao Wildlife Sanctuary

The all new Eastern Sarus Crane enclosure at the Lao Wildlife Sanctuary has now been totally revamped by our volunteers in September 2014. Complete with a large pool equipped with pump and water feature, deep enough for the cranes to dip their entire head in to view snails and fish. A large muddy area in which cranes can peck deep for grubs and roots, planted with elephant grass and tubers, enriched with snails, frogs, grasshoppers and earthworms! As well as 2 new murals, one of which has a life sized crane and kids were already seen lining themselves up to compare height against. By the second day, the cranes were already seen bathing in the pool, flapping their wings while splashing water and preening their wet feathers. It was an emotional sight.

See this time lapse video of what it was like transforming the bone dry and bare enclosure of the Sarus cranes to one with a pond and large muddy area with lots of grass!

Orangutan with enrichment at Zoo Melaka

As one of our mini projects, the team and the volunteers went over to Zoo Melaka to conduct a mini enrichment day. We cut down banana plants (that are in abundance there!) and stuffed it with vegetables such as pumpkin and winged bean. This video is of Suzie, the orangutan, with a stuffed banana stem.

Asiatic black bear with enrichment at Lao Wildlife Sanctuary

We made holes in a log, filled it with a little bit of honey and gave it to this Asiatic Black Bear. Watch what he does with his enrichment!

Sun Bears with enrichment at Lao Wildlife Sanctuary

We gave these 2 sun bears coconuts. They went straight for it, tearing it open with their sharp claws and teeth!

WiLD Orangutan Adventure :Students & local children planting trees

On 24 December 2012, APE Malaysia coordinated a tree-planting session with the participation of SK Sukau students and a group of international school students. They were involved in planting of 150 saplings on a plot of degraded ex-logging land that has been designated as requiring high priority for reforestation within the Lower Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary. The day came to a close with each and every student understanding that they play an important role as a member of the community living in the Lower Kinabatangan of Sabah.

Raccoon with enrichment at Zoo Negara

APE Malaysia volunteers of July 2012 made enrichment for the raccoons in the form of bamboo feeders

Katie and Punkey exploring their new hammock at Zoo Negara

In May 2012, volunteers made a brand new hammock for the orangutans. This is a video of the curious Katie and Punkey, exploring it.

Great OrangUtan Project

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Pygmy Elephant

Pygmy elephants swimming along the Kinabaatangan River, Sabah